Virtual Clinic

Virtual Clinic allows the safe management of a physician’s schedule, ensuring thorough and easy service provisioning located in the cloud.


-User sign in.


-Schedule appointments.

-Schedule spaces.



  • Physicians and patients can access the application to speed up response times.
  • Receive alerts and information about events and appointments to keep the patient informed, including schedules and cancellations.

  • Effective means of communication with patients.
  • Book a surgery room or an office from the application.
  • Have a record of what you have done, where, and when.
  • Requests for medical services increased by 73%.
  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID Healthcare
  • DESCRIPTIONInformation system on cloud for outpatient procedures.
  • SCOPEOperating rooms administration, users managment (patients, doctors and supervisors), medical appointments scheduling, surveys and questionnaires.
  • AVAILABLE FORWeb & Mobile (Android, iOS)