Cloud computing, or computing in the Cloud, represents the transfer of computer services such as: servers, storage, networks, software, analysis, intelligence, Big Data and the like. These services are offered on the Internet to provide innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale.

Cloud computing keeps on expanding in the technological world. For Cloud programming, it is necessary to choose programming languages that are data-oriented. The advantages are a lower cost, increase of the speed, more productivity, global scale and security. In addition to the traditional programming languages, some others have appeared with great advantages in terms of design and the execution of different applications such as:

  • Java: this is one of the most traditional languages and it has positioned very well for Cloud computing. Its versatility allows people to use the design of applications for computers, web spaces, games and Android. Given the characteristics it possesses it turns out to be accurate for any types of activities.


  • PHP: it represents, traditionally, a programming language that is used for the websites development, it is also used with cloud computing, since it turns out to be easy for training and handling. For this reason, it has a good reputation for automatic websites. It is used with UNIX and Windows servers and it counts with a powerful output buffer. Its dynamism stands out when applications with efficient components are designed. It is a programming computer language focused on objectives, therefore it makes it easy to design complex web applications. It allows, also, to use it itself in the Big Data administration, in popular web servers which are available for different operating systems.


  • Ruby: it represents one of the programming languages for cloud computing ideal for beginners. Handling this programming language opens many doors in these types of scenarios, because of the fact that it has a lot of resources, particularly for diverse applications development. Additionally, it is provided with an active programmers’ community, who collaborate with troubleshooting.


  • Python: it is high-level programming language generated to be perceived without any problems. Any beginners can start programming with it. It is an interesting programming language that brings big possibilities for web application development, since it relates different elements that optimize the programming for the learning disposition, in addition to big data structures.


  • it represents a programming language designed by Microsoft with the objective of generating space and web applications with diverse functions. It is specialized on providing high-value solutions together with dynamic web spaces that can be viewed from different navigators. This makes easier the design of reliable applications, in addition to being reusable and easy to use.

Finally, it is possible to affirm that development for computer applications is achieved by the use of programming languages designed for this specific purpose. On the other hand, when speaking about Cloud programming, it is necessary to choose languages that are oriented to handle Big Data instead of those that can be used for general purposes, this in order to obtain better outputs.

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