Artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks have turned into the focus of innovation and development in computing. Amongst them, machine learning has been broadly accepted by companies. Not in vain it is estimated that it will be the main reason for accumulative investments for USD $58,000 millions at the end of 2021.

Using machine learning in the O&G Industry

Baker Hughes, a GE company, is using machine learning to help the oil and gas industry. This with the final end to significantly reduce location, extraction, processing and oil delivery costs. With a deep learning, the well operators can visualize and analyze large pieces of data about production and sensors. Some of them are: flow, pressure bombs and temperature. The learning algorithms allow oil and gas companies to determine the best way to optimize their operations. For example, they can turn large amounts of sismic data images into three-dimensional maps. These are designed to improve the precision of the deposit predictions.

Building cities with machine learning

The Bechtel Corp, a building firm, implements machine learning with the objective of optimizing its planning process in the construction. The company is using reinforcement models of learning. These are similar to the ones used by AlphaGo, a platform developed by Google DeepMind from the company Alphabet. The software ended up defeating human workforce, managing to find the most rapid route to build some projects. The model executes, step by step, simulations, proving sequences of installation from concrete and tubes and it finds the ideal sequence this way. To achieve this, it uses reinforcement learning, in which the simulations are turned essentially into sets of data within the information.

Machine learning applications for oncology

China investigators also developed DeepGene. This is an advanced classifier of different types of cancer based on machine learning. This development takes care of the obstacles in existing studies about cancer classification based on somatic point mutation. The results showed that DeepGene overcomes three existing classifiers. It is able to extract high level characteristics between the combinatorial somatic point mutations and some specific types of cancer.

Implementing machine learning in the finances world

Big investment companies such as JPMorgan Chase are using machine learning for the detection of operations with privileged information. The hedge funds use the text analysis to study in depth in repositories of massive documents. With this procedure they obtain information about the future yield of investments and market behavior. This case of text analytics based on deep learning, is about the capacity to process large pieces of information to have a future analysis.
Machine learning is quickly transforming many industries, including the health, energy and transport sectors. Thanks to its transforming capacity, many companies will keep on investing on it to reinforce the existing applications, as well as the development of new solutions.


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