Exsis is your strategic ally in the I.T. and digital decisions of your company.

Deep into digital transformation


Exsis Dev

Agile development allows you to constantly release small deliverables, generating value in the business continuously.

Exsis Innovation

We analyze in detail your business needs ensuring projects cover company priorities.

Exsis Talent

Staff augmentation on-demand has evolved to become a strategic element in the transformation of companies, incorporating specialized talent when you need it.


An innovation engine. It motivates the organization members to generate new and valuable ideas, in accordance to strategic challenges, using gamification.

Platform that improves the interactions between patients and doctors in healthcare institutions.


Diseñado inicialmente para administrar créditos para financiar la compra de pólizas de seguro, incluida una lógica específica para esa operación.

Una aplicación de realidad aumentada que permite la visualización en tiempo real y en sitio de algunas variables importantes para el bienestar su cultivos. Estas son monitoreadas, de una manera rápida y eficaz, a través de sensores agrícolas que obtienen datos en tiempo real del entorno.

Provide your team with and easy and cashless solution for their corporate transportation needs, through a digital platform.

Apsoft is a solution that allows farmers to access the benefits offered by precision agriculture, making use of information technologies to optimize agricultural production and management.


¿Why Digital Angels?

We are a company that has stood out in its trajectory for establishing long-term relationships with its clients; for guiding them to obtain the expected results and accompany them in each of their challenges just as a “digital angel” would do.






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