A platform to make simplify your tech recruiting process

Our recruitment platform is a web application in which candidates related to technological areas can create their resumes and add the data that allows them to be made known when applying for an offer.

The data that can be registered not only includes the basic data that is associated with others that are requested as components of the resume, but also allows others to be added, such as work preferences so that the candidate can express his opinion and thus find the job that fits your needs.


About this product

Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize the talent acquisition process. From job posting to candidate selection and hiring, our platform provides a complete and efficient solution for your recruitment needs.

With our ATS, you can organize and manage all your applications in a centralized manner. You'll be able to track each stage of the process, from resume review to final interviews, all in one place. Our ATS is intuitive and user-friendly, giving you full control over your selection process.

Product features


Focused on the candidates

Improve the selection of data that can be added to complement their resume adding technical skills, and soft skills, among others.


Professional profile to share with tech recruiters

A progress bar shows candidates when they have a complete profile that can be shared with recruiters and used to apply to open opportunities.


Video presentation

Candidates can include a video presentation that reveals more information about them.

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