Currently there are not enough IT developers in the world to create and manage all the new applications that are coming to market.

In our Academy service, we train young developers in agile methodologies, soft skills and technical skills to meet future demands for IT talent.

We generate a team to develop agile software focused on continuous learning, value delivery and risk management of the organization.


What is an agile team?

It is a team of 8 to 10 members, composed of agile roles and mixed technical skills.

It is a self-organized team focuced on achieving creative and productive goals, technical decision making and risk reduction.

It is a team responsible for creating solutions, developing and maintaining functionalities, products or platforms.

Standard Agile Teams:

Agile Master

Technical Leader

UX/UI Designer

Frontend Developer

Analyst Testers

Backend Developer

How we do it?

We collaborate with you to establish a clear roadmap, while each member of the team contributes their expertise by conducting individual diagnoses and assessments. Through this collaborative effort, we align the findings with our methodological process to initiate the project.






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Amazon EC2

Amazon ECR


Amazon S3


Amazon Cognito

Amazon Route 53



Azure Boards

Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code

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What benefits do you get?

Better delivery speed and flexibility in execution.

A motivated team open to change and continuous learning, less staff turnover.

Protection of project information.

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